Corporate Governance

We ensure high standards of Corporate Governance, transparency and fairness in all our dealings because we believe that strong corporate governance is a key factor in creating shareholder value and maintaining our investors’ confidence.

We recognise the growing demand of good governance on our brand and we are not ignorant of the statutory and regulatory requirements for publicly quoted companies in Nigeria. We operate in compliance with the duties and responsibilities as provided in the Code of Corporate Governance relevant in Nigeria.

We understand the needs of our stakeholders and ensure that we take governance issues beyond box-ticking. To this end we have put in place, Board Committees chaired by Non- Executive Directors that bring the required independence and objectivity to the deliberations of the Board.

We have also set up an Internal Control and Audit Department to ensure that the risks facing the company are properly assessed, evaluated and managed to combat the possibilities of adverse exposure.

Composition of the Board

Board Committees

Chairman and CEO Positions

Proceedings and Frequency of Meetings

Non-Executive Directors

Directors’ Remuneration

Reporting and Control

Shareholders Rights and Privileges