Quality Policy

Eterna Plc’s strategic direction is to be Africa’s preferred energy company. Embedded in our strategic aspiration is our unwavering commitment to consistently provide high quality products and services that meets and exceeds the needs, operational requirements and expectations of our customers, thereby ensuring an overall achievement of a sustained and profitable growth for the Company.

We shall continuously sustain the established qualities of our products and services and quality capability through the adoption of an effective Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of International Standard NIS ISO 9001:2015.

The Company’s Top Management is responsible for leading and maintaining the integrity of the QMS with the provision of resources necessary to ensure its effectiveness. In addition, the company’s Top Management is committed to complying with all applicable statutory requirements in the process of producing its products and services and ensuring a continual improvement of its quality management system.

To sustain the effectiveness of the established QMS, Eterna Plc ensures quality objectives are set at corporate and departmental levels. These objectives are reviewed and updated as and when due.

To effectively achieve this policy, the company requires all employees to contribute to, and be actively engaged in the implementation of the QMS. The Company expects positive participation in audits and reviews, as well as the submission of reports and proposals for continuous system improvements and refinement.

The Quality Policy is communicated to employees whose responsibility it is to ensure its assimilation and application.

Benjamin Nwaezeigwe
Managing Director

Revised: May 01, 2022