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Shareholders Laud Eterna PLC at the Company’s 30th Annual General Meeting

May. 12th, 2023 Events, Our News

Shareholders in attendance at the company’s 30th Annual General Meeting lauded the Board and Management of Eterna PLC for the company’s 2022 revenue as the company records a 1,207% increase in net profit from the 2021 slump.

Successfully conducted on the 11th of May 2023 in Lagos Nigeria, the 30th Annual General Meeting provided an opportunity for the Board and Management of Eterna PLC to reaffirm their commitment to the sustainability and profitability of the company.

The company’s gross profit increased by 110%, from N4.3 billion in 2021 to N8.9 billion, while the net operating profit grew by an impressive 1,207%. At the end of 2020, Eterna’s net profit was N233.1 million, indicative of a year of loss, but had grown to N3.05 billion by the end of 2021.

An Eterna shareholder, Matthew Akinlade, appreciated Eterna’s board for their management of the company and their recorded growth. When asked how he felt about Eterna’s profitable year, Mr. Awoh Nornah said he felt happy and trusted the board of directors to keep working to retain the company’s viability.

If you missed the live streaming of the Order of Proceedings, you may stream via this link: