Vecton Long Drain 10W-40 E7


For longer useful oil life

Castrol VECTON® Long Drain 10W-40 E7 is an advanced synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil that is specifically
engineered to deliver longer useful oil life. It is suitable for use in highly rated diesel engines including Euro I-VI*
engines where permitted by manufacturers at the specification levels met. It can also be used in off-road vehicles and
equipment that require this performance level.

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Castrol VECTON Long Drain 10W-40 E7 with System Pro Technology™ is specifically engineered and tested to allow
operators to run their fleet at extended oil drain intervals as specified by individual manufacturers. Castrol Vecton Long
Drain products deliver up to 45% extra performance reserve* giving you confidence in your maximum drain interval.
All Castrol VECTON products are certified CO2 neutral according to the internationally applicable PAS2060 standard.
Modern trucks use new technologies resulting in different torque requirements, which means higher engine
temperatures and pressures. This punishes the oil, pushing it closer to breakdown, and reducing its useful life and
ability to extend drains. Castrol VECTON Long Drain’s System Pro Technology™ has been proven in-field testing to
safely extend drain intervals. Formulated with up to 45% extra performance reserve, System Pro technology fights oil
breakdown by:


  • Combating oxidation and deposits
  • Neutralizing harmful acids
  • Controlling oil aeration
  • Adapting to increased temperatures, resisting viscosity loss through shear

All of this means longer useful oil life giving you the confidence in your maximum drain interval

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