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Eterna Plc Shareholders Divestment from Eterna Plc

Sep. 2nd, 2021 Press Release

We refer to Eterna Plc’s (“the Company”) public statement dated 21st December, 2020 in which we
notified our Shareholders, The Nigerian Exchange Limited (“NGX” or “The Exchange”) and the
general public that some of our substantial shareholders (Shareholders) have formally informed
the Board of Eterna Plc (the Company) that they are in negotiations to sell equity holdings in the
Company to a ‘New Investor’.
Our substantial shareholders; Lenux Integrated Resources Limited, Global Energy & Raw Materials
Limited, Meristem Wealth Management Limited, Radix Capital Partners Limited, GASL Nominee
Limited, GTI Capital Limited and Cardinalstone Partners Limited have executed a Sale and Purchase
Agreement (SPA) that enables Preline Limited acquire 794,969,774 (Seven Hundred and Ninety
Four Million Nine Hundred and Sixty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Four) shares of
Eterna Plc representing 60.98% in the Company.
A formal application with further details will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission
(SEC) for an “authority to proceed” with the transaction by the transacting parties.
This notification is in fulfilment of our obligation to report such matters and we will continue to do
so in line with Regulatory guidelines.