CACHES – Policies

Access Control Policy:

All members of staff are issued with and made to wear identity cards at all times. We also maintain movement registers for staff and for visitors, as well as a log book for the movement of vehicles across our facilities.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

We consider the use of abusive substances a grievous offence at Eterna. We conduct Pre-employment and random tests, unannounced searches and screening to discourage employees against substance abuse and to ensure compliance with the policy.

Community Affairs Policy

We strive to promote a mutually beneficial relationship with our host communities; we therefore respond to formal community requests in an appropriate and timely manner & continuously assess the social impact of core business activities and take needed preventive & mitigating measures to combat friction with our host communities.

Environmental Protection Policy

At Eterna we believe that the environment belongs to us all. The trust of the planning and execution of our work is the preservation and the protection of the environment.

HSSE Audit Policy

As part of a systematic approach towards a sound Health Safety & Environment Management, we conduct regular and timely audit exercise to review and verify the effectiveness of the management system.

Mobile Phone Policy

At Eterna, the use of Mobile Phone(s) while driving and in flammable areas is highly prohibited.

Night Driving Policy

Unless during emergency, we forbid night driving in all our land operations.

Occupational Health Policy

We ensure that our staff are medically fit and remains so, during their employment. We also make provision for a well equipped first aid box and administer first aid in all our operational areas.

Permit to Work Policy

We ensure that a Permit to Work is duly obtained & signed by the relevant authorities before work commences at any of our operational facilities.

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

At Eterna, we provide relevant and high quality Personal Protective Equipment: coverall, safety‑shoes or rain‑boots, Hardhats, hand­-gloves etc, for all persons engaged in our operations. Management enforces the effective use and maintenance of available personal protective equipment, which entails regular condition audits and replacement of defective ones.

Quality Policy

Safety Policy

Eterna is dedicated to the precept of maintaining the highest possible Safety standards, with the same dedication as production and considers these two objectives to be inseparable. Because an efficient operation is a safe operation, no operation can be considered to be efficient if it is not safe. ALL ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE. This maxim is the heart of our Safety Policy.

We educate all personnel in proper Safety awareness and ensure their adherence to the procedures for reporting unsafe acts and working practices, Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) and near misses.

Seat Belt Policy

We recognize the fact that safety seat belt enhances the chances of survival and reduces the risk of injuries in vehicle accidents. It is therefore mandatory for every worker, especially on company’s business to always fasten his/her seat belt. All light and heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, tractors, forklifts, etc., must have seat belts fitted in them and must be worn by drivers, mates and operators always.

The “NO SEAT BELT, NO ENTRY or EXIT” rule is always enforced at points of entry into any of our office or operational premises.

Security policy

Armed security agencies, such as Mobile police, Air force, Army, or Navy shall not be used in any of our work sites. They shall however be invited in riot situations that are out of control of the Nigerian Police force.
An essential part of the overall company’s management is the management of the equipment, facilities and life of the company’s personnel, client, and third party.

To ensure effectiveness in this management, the company as a matter of policy, We take responsibility for the security of all personnel, client representation and third party in all our work sites and premises. We also employ trained security officers and licensed professional security organisations are retained to boost the overall company security system.

Smoking Policy

We consider it our duty to protect our employees from unnecessary exposure to hazards, we therefore maintain prohibition against smoking of cigarettes, pipes or cigars in all our company’s facilities.

Workmen’s Compensation policy

We ensure that all our workers on their work sites are covered by the workmen’s compensation insurance policy.