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Our Lubricants

We carry a wide range of lubricants, broadly categorized as Automotive & Industrial lubricants and Marine Lubes


a.       Engine Oils

i.      Eterna Multimax/ Multimax S.J.

ii.      Eterna Optimax 15 W/40

iii.      Eterna Super TC 30/ 40

iv.      Eterna HD SAE 30/40

b.      Gear Oils

i.      Eterna XP –SP

ii.      Eterna  EP Extra SAE 90

iii.      Eterna EP Gear Oil

c.       Hydraulic Oils

i.      Eterna Hydrex AW

d.      Other Specialty Oils

i.      Eterna ATF

ii.      Eterna Break Fluid (DOT3)

iii.      Eterna Demoulding Oil

iv.      Eterna Circulatory Oil


a.       Main Engine Oils

i.      CASTROL CYLTECH 70 - Cylinder Oil

ii.      RLX 40 - Engine Lubricant

iii.      MLC SERIES – Trunk Piston Engine Oils

iv.      CDX 30 - Crosshead Engine Crankcase Oil

v.      TLX SERIES - Trunk Piston Engine Oils

b.      Turbine Oils

i.      Perfecto Turbine Oils

c.    Compressor Oils

i.    Aircol SN - Synthetic Air Compressor Oils

d.    Refrigeration Oils

i.    Icematic Series - Mineral Refrigeration Oils

e.    Gear Oils

i.    Aipha SP - Extreme Pressure Gear Oils

f.     Hydraulic Oils

i.    Hyspin AWH-M Series - Hydraulic Oils

g.    Greases

i.    Spheerol SX2

ii.      Spheerol - Lithium Base Greases

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