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Eterna Plc is the sole distributor of Castrol Products in Nigeria and other nominated West African countries. We also enjoy the license to manufacture and blend Castrol Marine Lubricants at our state-of-the-art Blending Plant located at Sagamu, Ogun State.

Our Castrol Range of Lubricants:

Aircol PD
Aircol SN
Aircol SR Range
Alpha SP Series
Alphasyn HG Range
Castrol BioBar Series
Castrol BioStat Series
Castrol BioTac EP2
Castrol BioTrans Series
Castrol EPX Gear Oils
Castrol Hyspin AWS
Castrol Hyspin HVI
Castrol TQ-D
CDX 30
Coral Light
Coral Stern Tube Oils
Cyltech 70
Cyltech 80
Cyltech 80AW
Cyltech 40SX
Cyltech 505
HLX Series
Hyspin AWH-M
Icematic 228 Series
Icematic 229 Series
Icematic Series
Icematic SW Series
LMX Grease
Marine DD Series
MHP Series
MLC Series
Perfecto HT5
Perfecto Turbine Oils
Seamax Extra Series
Seamax Super Plus API-CH4
Spheerol Lithium
Spheerol SX2
Tection 15W-40
Tection DD Monograde 40
Tection Global 15W-40
TLX Plus

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